woensdag 26 mei 2010

Tieka Twenties

Last week I got a call from Sandder with the question if I wanted to style Tieka and Paulina for a shoot. Everyone knows that Tieka is a very talented poët that has a great obsession with the late twenties. This was a good theme to choose for her next book that is coming up (so please keep your ears and eyes open!)

So with a overload on feathers, strass and pearls we headed to a very nice café near Rembrandtplein that embodied the late twenties! Beautiful fixtures, lovely portraits of people that might have existed or not (no one cares about that anyway) and Bambi-inpsired glass art that made you feel like you were there in the woods making friends with strange looking animals.. But as usual I am drifting off, I'm so sorry (once again).

Again Sandder made some beautiful and dreamy pictures, and we are quite proud of the end result. Hope to do some more styling jobs in the future, and with all the apparel and little treasures I saved up the last few years..it would be a shame not to!