donderdag 21 juli 2011

Heels and Socks... But Were are they?

Style is not a crime so please do not refrain yourself from exploring more! Like the 'heelslovesocks' trend. And even though I really don't like following any trend! (I almost hate that word...) I have a special place for the heelslovesocks @#(%^! (I'm not using this word anymore...), because even though I did not have any heels in the eighties (I was only 5!), my mother did her best to dress me up as much as she could, and that meant I wore my white lace socks with my beautiful shiny leather Mary Jane's (look-a-likes), and I kept this style going till the end of my High School Horror! (Mary Jane's were replaced by All Stars, no worries)...

So what I am trying to say people, this one I really really love, and I would like to see more people experimenting with this. Thanks!

I Want It Now!!

Ted Noten Make Up Kit... Gimme Gimme!

United Nude Moon Life, Let's get crackin'

Christian Dior Fall 2011, Color me mine