woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Ipantone Cases

We love the collaboration between Pantone and Case Scenario! I have been working with Pantone colors for the last 8 years and that is the only book I have been 'reading' on a regular basis (does this say allot about me?...Hope not).

For the iPhone 4, there are nine colors ranging from the deep Pantone Blue 7462 to the juicy Pantone Pink 226. For the iPad, the colors are Pantone Black, Pantone Cool Grey, Pantone Blue 7462 and Pantone Red 711.

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Gentry 'Williams' Drippin' Swagoo

Gentry knows how to make a man look like a million dollars... Yes they do. Need something supah dupah fly for your hubby? Then I have something for you!

The Gentry gift set contains some lovely goodies for the men who like to mix and match. You can find studded tie pins, a tweed and leather tie, hardware and several two-tone nuances.

this week you can find more of the Gentry, ‘Williams’ collection on Suitored.

And if he does not know how to tie that tie...?

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Miss Van & Anaoana

Don't you just love it when two great artists combine their creativity? Well I do! Miss Van & Anaoana did just that.

Miss Van is a graffiti/street artist who is known for her sensual characters (poupées as they are called) and Anaoana a is a fashion designer from Barcelona. Together they started Miss Van & Anaoana a few years ago, and this label started growing since then. And no wonder! The colorful, erotic and voluptuous characters mixed with the soft and delicate designs from Anaoana are a match made in heaven (as they might say).

Their new collection called 'Oddities' is a mix of all that. It's playful and sensual at the same time. The 'poupées' from Vanessa Alice B. (Miss Van's real name) work as well on these delicate designs as they do on the rough stone walls she usually creates these characters on. And even though this collection has just been released, I can't wait for their next creative endeavor!

zondag 21 augustus 2011

Rie Hosokai Balloon Couture

Every designer has a few basics they 'need' to get started... Like needles, thread, fabrics and so on. But Japanese designer Rie Hosokai shows us another way of thinking outside of the box, or balloon?
Hosokai began her career as a florist before venturing into the world of balloon art and starting her own company, Daisy Balloon.

She twists and turns all the balloons to create a garment-yes a real life wearable garment- that looks strong and vulnerable at the same time. Why balloons? Yes, that's what I was wondering about too.

Rie Hosokai: “There are latitude and longitude balloons to be woven together, so it’s quite similar to fabric”...

Beautiful! But such a shame that every dress doesn't last more than 24 hours...

Hosokai constructs each piece by hand. Although the materials are inexpensive—about 9 cents per balloon—each featherweight (and biodegradable) creation carries a price tag ranging from $1,930 to $3,860.

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Eniko Mihalik for David Webb

Eniko Mihalik captured by fashion photographer Terry Richardson, styled by Carine Roitfeld for the David Webb collection Fall 2011 campaign. Flashy big stones, big chains and animals, we know we can't hate this collection!

And someone please! I would love to have me a Terry Richardson doll! I would play with him all day long (or just take him everywhere I go)...

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Styling Giovanna

Two weeks ago we finally did the shoot with our lovely model Giovanna! Photographed by Sandder Lanen, Make-up by Didi van Rijssen and styling by yours truly! A perfect combination, and we can't wait to do more work together... The pictures turned out beautiful! I think everyone agrees ^_^...