donderdag 29 april 2010


Yes, for the people who are familiar with the B*nker know that this is the place to go to 'after'. This is becoming the place to be, but only for the true survivors (you know, the ones that didn't need those magic 'beans').

Now Daniel Sanchez is spreading the 'word', and making everyone hungry for these little gems.. So without further ado:

design by SugaRush

THE END (Yes, really.. the end)

BlaBla meets Miami

It's always nice to see that your designs travel more than you do ^_^

BlaBla raising some feet in Miami!

woensdag 21 april 2010

Many Thanks Kiddy Vanilly

This is just a short and very small (like me) thank you to Kid Vanilla for sending me my, NOW!, favourite Tee!

Hopefully we can see this young streetlabel here soon, just keep your fingers crossed and watch out for Kid Vanilla and ofcourse yours truly SugaRush!

Peace Out (okay that was lame, very very sorry...)


zaterdag 10 april 2010

One string at a time

These strings were looking quite lonely and strange, just hanging and lying around. They were starting to annoy me...allot... Maybe because I have been working on them for a good few weeks and decided before going to sleep (always before I go to sleep I take some radical decisions, not a good time I can tell you) that they looked like a high design floorcloth gone wrong. I took them apart one hundred times and put them back together as many times...

After this depressing experience I got some very good news (as usual when I am at my lowest and want to throw everything out. Stuck!) because Sandder was going to do some photography for his own with no one other then Assa Ariyoshi! and she wanted to wear some of my new stuff (that was just in pieces all over the place). So after some hours of work I did finish my new obsession and they looked great on her! see for yourself...

Assa is not only a model but also a very talented artist so do check out her website !

Part 1 "No Strings Attached" Collection: