dinsdag 17 april 2012

Long.. Long Time

Yes! It happened! I let my blog go. Shame on me! But I have an excuse, I really do. I was a tiny bit busy mixed with a little splash of laziness. To keep a long story short, here is a fast compilation of what I have been doing so far:

- I entered myself in TV show for designers and won (yes, strange isn't it)
- Went to Berlin to visit a girl I hardly new, and it was great!
- Started to sketch again
- My new goal in life is to go to L.A. for a little while
- I have been host writing for Few Kids On The Block and I am going to be a guest blogger for Steve and Charlie while Charlie takes a little vacation
- I dyed my hair green
- Started a TUMBLR that is basically my baby right now (next to this blog, I promise)
- Fell in love with A$AP ROCKY
- Found out I know more about music then I thought
- Took matching tattoos (Ace of Spades) together with my best friend Didi
- I finally started to update my portfolio

Pfff, I have to catch my breath...

Well below you can see a short compilation of these few months that I have been gone.

TUMBLR on my bedroom wall

My favorites

A new hobby, making cocktails for friends.

Nouk turned 30, so we danced all night

Great cake, I want one

New Nikes

Yes, I really dyed it green

Why I dyed it green

New rings from Topshop

My new addiction, A$AP Rocky

Purple Swag

Skull Ring

Shining Necklace

Matching tattoos with best friend Didi

Went to Berlin to relax, and bought shoes

Beat the Top designer competition for TV

Beat the Top designer competition for TV

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