donderdag 16 juni 2011

Bambi Peeks & JNM the Naked MC

Last weekend I had to style some beautiful girls for a new music video starring Bambi Peeks & JNM the Naked MC. Directed and photographed by Sandder Lanen (Light Simon).

Many thanks to all the girls Paulina, Zulema, Gina, Avalon, Alyssa and Amandla.
The talented Make-up artists Didi van Rijssen and Iwona Scheepers and Hair artists DeDaco and Anoeska.

Special thanks to Wojtek Dziedzic for all of his beautiful designs!

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

DeF3 TV presented by Kattekwaad

Kattekwaad was walking on the ghetto road last weekend.. Interviewing different artists performing at Def3 Label Night. Wearing SugaRush Accessories and looking their best... Much love girls!

Cynthia Wiemers, Styling/Make-Up

Anoesjka, DJ/Creative Director

Iman Free

La Toya Amanda Linger

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

A Man's World

Please guys, us girls really need you to maintain that style! So here are some personal likes, from me to you.

Get inspired and step outside of that dark moldy little box...

U-NI-TY F/W 2011

Acne, Snake Desert Boot

Alexander McQueen, Wool Blend Jacket

ASOS Grey Fitted Suit

Buttero, S/S 2011 Collection

ASOS Coloured Sole Derby Shoes

Ransom By Adidas Originals, Creek Tan Black

Ransom By Adidas Originals, SS 2010

Adam Kimmel, Mid Cut Sneakers

Flat Top Ciccio “Chicano”

Burberry "Black Label" S/S 2011

BAPE, Desert Boots

Jack Spade, Work Twill Briefcase

Pendleton, The Portland Collection

SUPRA, Cuttler Sneaker


Kris Van Assche

Porter Classic by Amoskeag Manufacturing Company

Underground, Limited Edition Creeper Shoes

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Hermes Loves Verdi's Vans

This is going to be a short story, I think the shoes say enough...

Robert Verdi was cleaning his house, and found his Hermès scarves and beat up Vans, ready to trow them out. But then his little light bulb lit up! Why not mix these scarfs with the Vans. And so he packed up his loot and started the journey to the lovely people of Vans.
They liked the idea as much as I do, and got them screen printed. All prints are presented on the Vans slip on models.

I couldn't find anything about where, when and how you can get these babies, but mark my words.... I am gonna get these, one way or the other!

P.S. I'll get back to you on the where, when and how (but I secretly think there just not for us 'weird' people)...

The Cookie Bracelet Returns!

Lovely Wing with the SugaRush Cookie Bracelet... A match made in heaven! Cuties

Picture by Sandder Lanen