maandag 28 februari 2011

I want to Ware, Emma!

Since I have been working with jewelry for some years (feels like my whole life), I haven't seen allot of designers/artists take the dive and choose this as an extension of their normal lines or collections.. Maybe because most don't know how to, or underestimate the importance of a piece... But Emma Ward didn't! And the results? Magic!

A London based artist and designer with a background in fine and applied arts, Emma studied for a degree at Wimbledon School of Arts and a diploma in Broadcasting at Ravensbourne College. She went on to build a career in Film and TV, working in the camera department as a clapper loader and focus puller. Feeling an increasing need to have creative independence and for the love of making, Emma began her jewelery business (and aren't we so glad she did).

The unique and recycled pieces are some kind of beautiful! Usually people get scared off when they hear the word 'recycled', but please don't, because this is something you don't want to miss.

You can see all the elements of a handmade jewelry in all of the pieces. The geometrical shapes, and the use of materials, are almost alive. Shapes that make you think you're in a fairytale forest with all kind of birds... Strong but yet very elegant. If someone can create pieces like this with recycled materials, I hope more people will get inspired.

Hope I got you hot for this young fresh designer... Buzz Buzz!!

zaterdag 26 februari 2011

New Video Rimer London ft. Cata.Pirata - Love Dagger

Need I say more? And I didn't say anything yet! But for the people who don't know what I am talking about, after reading the Blog title to the fullest, let me try to explain.

Artwork single cover by Parra

The new video is finaly out! Rimer London made one hell of a track with Cata.Pirata from Skip&Die! The first time I heard the track, I fell in love... It does take me back to the days when I wasn't even born yet (I still think I was born waaaaay to late!)

The director and Co DOP (together with DOP, Simon Claessen) of this banging video is none other than Sandder Lanen, who was also responsible for Watskeburt? from 'De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig', You've got my love from Bastian, do I need to go on? Yes? No! Just check out his work..

Lovedagger must be my favorite track this year. The beats and melody's of the synthesizers combined with Cata's voice... A match made in heaven! And keep your eyes and ears open dear readers, Rimer London's first solo album is coming out soon! And this is an album you would want to buy... Yes it is.

donderdag 24 februari 2011

Kurt Geiger Technicolours

My most favorite pass time in the world? Playing with all the colors in my Pantone book. I'd like to think Kurt Geiger likes to do this too, because the Technicolours SS11 collection just blew me away! Dazzling Yellows, Zesty Oranges, Bubbly Pinks, Deep Purples, Contrasting block colours...Pffew! Let me catch my breath...

As well as his own highly successful brands of Kurt Geiger, KG by Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Carvela, Solea and Fashionistas, Kurt Geiger has the broadest portfolio of luxury designer shoe brands in Europe. He is the largest retailer of Gucci and Prada in Europe and has a strong relationship with luxury brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Tod’s, Paul Smith, Edward Green, Church’s, John Lobb and Christian Louboutin. Come on! This is like candy covered heaven with rainbow sprinkles for me! Even though I only own two pairs of designer shoes from Miu Miu and Marc By Marc Jacobs (and I don't even dare to put them on my feet and go outside, because in my worst dream it would rain, snow and get muddy within 5 minutes of stepping out of my front door), my fantasy of owning these baby's below people... Is becoming an obsession..Another one!

You can clearly see he got his inspiration from the late 60's and early 70's, platform sandals in bright and bold acid colours. The nice heel detailing and the use of the natural materials like raffia and cork are one of the key trends visible in this collection. Dear Kurt, keep these wonderful shoes coming, because as long as there are women, the love for shoes will remain.

On Kurt Geiger's trendreport you can see his summer colours and browse around the Lookbook too.

And ladies do remember, the best pieces are gone before you know! So be fast and swift.

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Oh Fuck! You Just Crushed The Entire Lilliput Village

The The Ballet Cats are some kind of mystery.. Oh yes they are. Trying to get on their website almost takes you half a day, and when you finally get shuts down! But that does not keep me from telling you about them, because I have been loving The Ballet Cats for quit a while... So I try and I try, and it worked! I got on the website, were the opening begins with a short film. Quit bizarre and lovely (I wish it lasted more then 2 minutes, gimme more!).

The Balletcats is a clothing label and schizophrenic world, started in 2008, of Jordan Marzuki, The September 16th 1987 Jakarta - Indonesian borned visual artist, graphic designer, Lasalle College Internatioal Jakarta graduates and full time cat snob with the help from Fatriana Zukhra.

The world of The Balletcats described as dark fairy tale that taking part on the odd side of human everyday life and the innocence of living animals. Getting their inspiration from all of my big hero's! Hayao Miyazaki, Coen Brothers & Quentin Tarantino.. Come on, this is a label doomed to succeed!

A small Tee project, dedicated to the host of Bizarre Food, Andrew Zimmern, who eats almost everything from cockroaches to worm pretzels... Yum Yummy in my Tummy!

You Wear Carrot Rabbit Wear You

Rabbit changed all the files to his own fucking lunatic photograph. We don't know what his purpose is

Carrot Rabbit and Friends t shirt

Carrot Rabbit loves kids, very much, very, very, very much. They play, sing, karaoke, and cook. He's about to unveil Carrot Rabbit Land, just for kids, because, boy, does he love kids.

SugaRush loves Carrot Rabbit too, how creepy he may be. And Carrot Rabbit helps you too.. With mental disorders, insecurities and many more... So just ask him, really!

Remember, There is nothing better in the world than let the world know your problem and laugh on you and kill yourself.

Camilla Loves Dresses

Camilla Franks from Australia makes me happy! She makes me smile, and feel warm from the inside out!

Camilla creates beautiful play suits, reversible coats, camisoles, maxi dresses, drawstring dresses, sequined mini tanks, leggings, shoes and accessories. And everything makes you want to sell your own husband/boyfriend to buy one of these designs! The colors and prints are enchanting and fun at the same time.

And another plus! She designs for all sizes and ages (she does, me likey!) so even I can find my perfect outfit, how small I may be people, how small I may be...

Can't wait to see her Woodstock Autumn/Winter collection though... It’s all about dark monochromatic silhouettes, layering chunky knitted jumpers with billowing dresses, leather leggings and wedges for a gypsy, earthy and hippie looks, but still with the brands iconic color full designs...

I'm not a big fan of loving a designer, because a celebrity starts wearing it. See short letter below:

Dear Famous person,

Because you are 'famous', it does not mean you (or you stylist) have any taste.

Kind Regards,

Lleta v. Gom

But my all time favorite, Gwen Stefani, does love her some Camilla. Need I say more?!

Collection L'ETRANGE

Collection Pandora

Collection Nümph

Collection Shadow

Collection Chimera

dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Christoph Niemann.. Yesmann!

Christoph Niemann is a great example of an illustrator/graphic designer, that creates images that are simple and clear. He clearly thought it true, but almost trough the eyes of a little boy...

After his studies in Germany he moved to New York City in 1997. His work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine, and has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and American Illustration. He is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Since July 2008, Niemann has been writing and illustrating the whimsical Abstract City, a New York Times blog.

That sounds exciting! Doesn't it?... Uh mm well, I must say that I am more of a visual girl, so if it's love at first sight, it is probably not only me that found a 'new crush'. I don't always read everything about everyone, so I said it!

I'm also not some kind of 'know it all' when it comes to new developments in the world we know as 'Internet', like a new browser (I do know what that means!). Christoph made a short animation for 'Chrome Google Browser', for all 'Lleta's' in the world. And I must say, after this, I felt more... smart (you know! Internet smart..just sayin')... You and your Browser

Here are some of my favorites!

Jim's Skull Obsession

It seems like skulls are sticking to us like glue, don't they? It is a strange kind of obsession we have with the remains of the dead... I have to admit that I am one of you! It doesn't really add up with my other obsession, Hello Kitty... But hey! Who cares, I'm a strange little girl (so I hear, even from my own parents). But this is not why I started this story, I started this story because of Jim!

Jim is a guy, a guy with an obsession. An obsession that just grew and grew (unlike me), and resulted in some kind of weird art, that really caught my attention! Jim traveled most of the world for inspiration, from New Zea land to New Hebrids, and discovers Australia, India, Hong Kong and so on. You might call him, a well traveled kind of guy wouldn't you? I would...

In the 1980's he creates his first skulls. His vocation is now revealed, and will never leave him.

I was really drawn to these color full skulls. Jim's skulls keep you amazed, looking and finding more little details of real craftsmanship. And may I say, the color combination's are beau-ti-ful!

These pieces are more organic. His color use is natural and more detailed.

My favorite (almost, I don't know which one to love more to be honest!)

I can't promise you I won't post more about skulls and bones (and all other parts I might have forgotten to mention). But I do promise you...uhm... To keep posting more of my favorite findings, about everything that makes me (almost) not want to share it!

woensdag 9 februari 2011


It would be hard not to follow with curiosity what CUT UP COLLECTIF CUT UP COLLECTIF will do next, their posts are normally jaw dropping in some way or another, even though I have been to busy to do anything lately! I do make time to check out their page on Facebook, 'Cut Up Collectif'.

CUT UP COLLECTIF is a fusion of 3 creative girls: 2 fashion designers and a make up artist Sylvia, Noémie, Nadjma based in Brussels. And they are here to present the reflection of their styles..

Two of the three: Sylvia & Noémie

This talented group of girls inspire me allot! This is a good example of a strong collaboration of 3 style freaks, that make you want to go outside your little box and explore. They really do take the imagination to a different place. From make-up inspired by the African culture to renowned photographers like Brassai. They find the beauty in every culture and make it their own.

These busy litle bees also have a great blog

I will stop bragging about them (for now..!) Keep your eagle-eye on CUT UP COLLECTIF' projects people, because you do not want to miss them (serious... for real..)

And so my first post of 2011 ends here people!